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Engineering Mechanical Lighting Machine for sale
Icles gasoline and diesel lighting tower
model icles
Gasoline Light Tower Application:
For municipal, highway bridge, port, mine, construction sector construction and other field work at night lighting. And also can be used for night repair, disaster scene lighting.
Main Features
400-1000 watt metal halide light fixture, high brightness, long service life.
Weatherproof switch/control box – ensures the use safely in the rain day.
Height adjustable, prevent fall institutions, good wind resistance, security and stability.
Manual lifting mechnaism, lifting flexible, any height, automatic lock.
Lamp Frame 4 sections elevating.
Approximate weight:95kg-230kg
Generator setGasoline/Diesel Generator optional
Rated power5.0KWAnti-slope<10°
Rated voltage220VAnti-wind<6°
Continuous work9hrWalk typeTrailer type
Fuel tank capacity25L/16LPackage
SizeMain machine2900*1500*1300
Power * lamp1000W*4Stanchion-
Lamp frame3 or 4 section elevatingLamp600*600*480mmx4
Elevating height1800-6000/9000mmNet weight550kg
Engineering Mechanical Lighting Machine for sale


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